Seeking Nonprofit Organizations with an International Program

The Governor’s School for International Studies and the University of Memphis Nonprofit Leaders Student Association are partnering to incorporate an understanding of international nonprofit organizations into the learning experience. As part of this year’s program, rising high school juniors and seniors will be working with nonprofit organizations in Memphis to help solve problems in an international context.

The Governor’s School for International Studies (GSIS) provides a four week immersion into the world around us, including global cultures, languages and perspectives. Moreover, the program provides a rigorous introduction to the field of International Studies, including six credit hours of college coursework.

The Nonprofit Student Leaders Association (NLSA) is affiliated with the national Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) to prepare students for a career in the nonprofit sector. Students must complete set coursework and co-curricular standards in order to complete the program and achieve Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) status. 

Do you think you have such a program that would provide these bright students with the opportunity to learn about nonprofit organizations and that would help you expand your own capacity? We are not looking for hands-on volunteer opportunities, but problem-solving experiences. Students will be in groups of 6 – 10 and spend June 21 at your site working through the problem and coming up with recommendations.

 As a general timeline, the students will arrive at your facility about 9:00 AM. They will spend about 60 – 90 minutes with key program leaders to learn about the project and ask questions. Then the students will brainstorm the issue to come up with recommendations. About 3:00 PM key program leaders will be asked back to the room to hear the final recommendations.  Members of the NLSA will facilitate each of the case study projects. Students will bring a bag lunch with them.

If you are interested in applying to be a site for this unique case study experience, please complete the form linked below. You will be contacted in early May to further discuss your potential participation. If you have any questions, please contact Leigh N. Hersey, PhD, at or 901-678-1754.

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